We make

a difference

Scientists, researchers and nutrition experts from around the world collaborate at the Nutrilite Health Institute to make optimum well-being an aspiration we can all achieve. The reputation of the NUTRILITE brand of products rests on the studies and clinical research they undertake on all our many compounds and mixtures. These studies help us understand the role of individual compounds in our health, and the synergies of nutrient mixtures in supplements. Our experts' integrity is the cornerstone of the trust we inspire.

Sam Rehnborg PhD, President, Nutrilite Health Institute: Son of NUTRILITE founder, Carl F. Rehnborg, joined his father back in 1964 to focus on nutritional research and product development. Today he spreads the word about nutrition and wellness around the world, helping people to understand how NUTRILITE food supplements can optimise diets for better health.  His philanthropic work has focused on disadvantaged children.

“I am continually amazed to see how NUTRILITE has grown from its very humble beginnings to what it is today.”

Keith Randolph PhD, Technology Strategist, Nutrilite Health Institute: A distinguished expert in nutritional sciences and biochemistry. With more than 30 years of research experience, he has earned multiple patents in USA for his pioneering work.

“From the state of the art equipment & technology to the highly educated & experienced people, I could not ask for a more positive, encouraging environment.”

Audra Davies, BSc, MSc, Vice President, Nutrition Product Development & Analytical Sciences: With more than 20 years of experience in nutrition, Davies holds several patents in USA & has authored several publications on plant chemistry.

NUTRILITE scientists were some of the first to explore the realm of phytonutrients.  It is very satisfying to me to share our knowledge.”

Amit Chandra, PhD, Manager, Chromatography Sciences, Analytical Sciences, Amway R&D: With more than 40 published papers, 14 patents in USA and 24 years of experience in the field, he is a world-class expert in botanicals used in dietary supplements.

“It is an honor to be part of globally-recognized leaders in scientific excellence, that are aligned with the theory of best of nature-best of science.”

Kevin Gellenbeck, PhD, Principle Research Scientist, Formulation, Amway/ NUTRILITE: With three decades of experience and 9 papers and 5 patents in USA to his credit, he directs research into plant concentrates and human nutrition.

“It is an honor to expand around the world the tradition of plant concentrate research begun by Carl Rehnborg that is at the the core of the NUTRILITE philosophy.”

Information on other nutrition experts at the Nutrilite Health Institute are featured here.